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Detail pages

(CRM - contact management)
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Contact management
Group management
Address import and export
Selection - a central contact management tool
Customer loyalty by means of communication
Email and letter templates
Lead manager
Appointment and task management 
WebConnector: website connectivity

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Detail pages - a detailed view of the contact database 

On this page:

Overview | Comments | Messages | Documents | Groups | Newsletter | Factura documents | Subscription | Affiliate 

(the gray buttons in the top bar of the overview) 


Contact master data is managed in Customer information and management. Additional information is available for each contact, which can be accessed via the gray detail buttons on top of the editing form. On this page you will learn how to use this detailed information.

'Customer information and management' only displays the last five entries of the detailed information for documents, comments, messages, groups and Factura documents - including the option to access the respective detail view via an additional blue button. 'Newsletter', 'Subscription' and 'Affiliate' can only be accessed via the gray detail buttons.

You also have the option to further reduce the contact overview by only allowing access to additional information via the gray buttons. Deactivating the display of the respective information is done in the basic settings. Here are the instructions on how this is done: Contact overview





(Contact management - detail pages)

You can access this overview by clicking the line containing the data set of a contact in the search (see Customer information and management). 

a) Use these gray buttons to access the respective detail pages.

b) This is where you see and manage the contact data.

c) Uploaded documents

d) Comments

e) Groups

f) Messages

g) Factura documents

Each detail info area contains a blue button that can be used to access the editing screen for the respective detail information. The areas not listed in the overview can be accessed via the gray buttons - see a).






(Contact management - detail pages)

a) Click Comments.

b) Use this button to create a new comment.

c) Here you can edit or delete an existing comment.

Editing an existing comment or creating a new comment opens a new window.

a) Enter a new comment or edit an existing comment.

b) Use Save or Update to save your changes.






(Contact management - detail pages)

This window displays existing messages for the respective contact. 

a) Click the gray Messages tab.

b) In this list you will see the messages that were received.

c) In this list you will see the messages that were sent.

d) These three buttons can be used for viewing and editing a message. In both cases you will reach the Message management screen. Use the recycle bin icon to delete a message. 

e) The EMAIL REPORTS section shows all the emails that were sent to the respective contact by the WBS. 

Sort the email reports according to date descending to view the latest emails first. For this purpose, click the black double arrow to the right of the heading in the blue title bar of the list.






(Contact management - detail pages)

This detail page helps with organizing documents, effectively bringing the paperless office one step closer to reality.

Once a contact turns into a customer, documents accumulate over time, which can be stored directly in the WBS. In this way, all documents associated with a customer are stored in the same place.

a) Click Documents.

b) Clicking the green button opens the system file dialog, allowing you to save any document (file) to the customer data set.

c) Here you can see a list of all the uploaded documents. This is where you can view, download or delete the document. 






(Contact management - detail pages)

Here you are offered a highly efficient option for entering a contact's group allocation:

a) Click Group codes.

b) The groups in the hierarchy tree can be folded in or out.

c) Here you will see the list of all previously selected groups, as well as the allocation date.

d) Activate/deactivate the applicable checkbox(es) in the hierarchy tree to allocate/remove the contact to/from the corresponding group(s).

e) Save your settings.






(Contact management - detail pages)

Here you will see all the newsletters to which the contact has subscribed.

a) Click the gray Newsletter tab.

b) Use EDIT to edit the newsletter.

c) Use +Add newsletter to add another newsletter subscription, if this was not possible online for whatever reason. 

d) Use the recycle bin icon to remove a newsletter subscription from the list.





Factura documents

(Contact management - detail pages)

The Factura document overview displays all the documents that were generated in Factura, if Factura has been activated.

a) Click the gray Factura documents tab.

b) Click a document line to edit the document details. You will be taken directly to the proper function in Factura.

c) Use +Create document to create a new document






(Contact management - detail pages)

Click the gray Subscription tab.

This subscription list (premium subscriptions) serves as a gateway to Factura. Clicking the EDIT button opens the detail overview of the selected subscription in Factura, where the subscription can be edited.






(Contact management - detail pages)

Click the gray Affiliate tab.

This list displays the affiliate properties of the contact. 

a) The list of networks in which this contact is active. 

b) This is the customer list of the affiliate.






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