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Selection strategy

(CRM - Selection - a central contact management tool)
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Selection - a central contact management tool
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Selection strategy

Selection determines what is included or excluded in a given set. In the WBS, selection criteria include affiliation with a group or an affiliate network, newsletter subscriptions as well as data field content. In each selection procedure, criteria are compiled in up to three work steps. This makes it possible to cater for all possible selection combinations.

1st step - selection with adequate criteria: 

Provide adequate criteria to specify which contacts you are looking for. Even if only one criteria is satisfied, the contact will be shown in the result set. The more criteria are specified, the larger the result set. The result set is made up of contacts from your contact database. In extreme cases, the result set will include all contacts from your contact database, if all your contacts satisfy at least one specified criterion.

2nd step - Narrow down your search results with required criteria: 

Use required criteria to narrow down the result set to contacts who satisfy these criteria. The more required criteria you specify, the smaller the result set.

3rd step - Narrow down your search results with exclusive criteria:
You can use exclusive criteria to further narrow down the result set. Each element (contact) meeting an exclusive criteria will not be included in the result set. The more exclusive criteria you specify, the smaller the result set.

Structure your selection step by step. Start by providing adequate criteria. Then specify required criteria and, if necessary, include exclusive criteria as a final step.

After each criteria specification, you can use Execute search to carry out a random check for the intermediate result of the selection. In the case of group selections, adequate groups affiliations are shown as Inclusive, while required group affiliations are shown as Restricted to group and exclusive group affiliations are shown as Excluded.

The WBS will remember the selection criteria that were specified until now - up to the point in time you click Reset search.



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