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Create search (advanced selection)

(CRM - Selection - a central contact management tool ...)
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Topics in overview:

Contact management
Group management
Address import and export
Selection - a central contact management tool
Customer loyalty by means of communication
Email and letter templates
Lead manager
Appointment and task management 
WebConnector: website connectivity

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To understand this topic, it is vital to have an understanding of selection strategy. Please familiarize yourself with selection strategy before continuing.


Create search (advanced selection) - your command center for all selections

Advanced selection covers all the options included in the WBS for contact selection. Apart from the directly accessible group selection, it also makes it possible to define many other selection criteria that might be needed for selecting contacts, such as searching for specific data field content or selecting according to affiliate networks or newsletter subscriptions. This makes advanced selection a powerful tool for selecting contacts for marketing and promotional purposes.

Advanced selection - always accessible

In many areas of the WBS, you will see the advanced selection option in the form of a button entitled Create search. It appears wherever the selection of contacts plays an important role in the context of your work flow. You will probably first encounter advanced selection in the free CRM module, which is also why we have included the relevant instructions in the CRM instruction manual.

a) The most common selection application is group selection, i.e. organizing contacts in groups. It can be accessed via the Groups button.

b) The Create search button opens the selection command center

c) Selection criteria can be saved as a filter, and are managed here. 


The command center

Clicking the Create search button opens the command center, which extends the current window.

a) Data fields for entering search content.

b) Buttons for activating other criteria.

c) Linking logic for all criteria (aggregation / limitation).

d) Filter buttons:
Execute search - runs the current selection.
Reset search - deletes all previously selected criteria. This button is displayed in green as long as the current filter contains at least one criterion.
Save - saves the current filter with the respective criteria.
Save as - saves the filter under a new name.

e) This is where current criteria are displayed or edited.

f) This is where all criteria for the current filter are displayed.

g) Clicking Execute search displays all contacts of the result set.




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