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Creating groups

(CRM - group management)
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Contact management
Group management
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On this page:

Creating a group | Editing a group | Changing the group hierarchy



Creating a group:

a) Start the group management in the CRM by selecting the gray Groups tab.

b) If groups exist, the group hierarchy structure is displayed.

c) Use the +New group button to create a new group.



d) Keep the selection Create top level to create a group at the top of the hierarchy tree.

e) Enter the name of the new group.



f) If you wish to create a new group below an existing group in the hierarchy tree, select the group you want as main group for the new group.


g) Enter the name of the new group (as described under e)).

h) Save your entries.


i) After saving, this is where the name of the new group appears.

k) The 'Save' button is replaced by the Update button. 

At the same time, two new buttons are added to the function for creating new groups, allowing you to immediately continue with the structuring of the group hierarchy, directly from here.

l) Use the Add subgroup to this group button if you wish to immediately add a new subgroup.

m) Alternatively, you can also use the Add group on same level button to add another group to this hierarchy level.


The creation of new groups according to the method described above only works for groups on the first and second hierarchy levels. If you wish to create a new group on the third hierarchy level or lower, this must be done by editing the group structure tree. 




Editing a group

a) Click the group name. A small edit symbol will apppear directly next to it.

b) Use this button to add a new subgroup. As soon as you have added the group, you will also be able to add new groups on this level or lower in the manner described above.

c) Click the edit symbol. An editing window opens, which can be closed again if not needed.



d) Edit the name and click Update.





Changing the group hierarchy

You can change the order of the main groups and the allocation of subgroups to main groups via drag and drop.

Keep in mind that this could impact existing selection filters if contacts were previously allocated to main groups. Ideally, please ensure right from the start that no such allocations are made.

Use drag and drop to move groups around in the hierarchy tree:

a) Click,

b) drag and drop.

c) Click the Save table button to save your changes.




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