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Selection according to groups

(CRM - Selection - a central contact management tool)
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Selection - a central contact management tool
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To understand this topic, it is vital to have an understanding of selection strategy. Please familiarize yourself with selection strategy before continuing.

Advanced selection according to groups

In the advanced selection, which is initiated by Create search, you can - by choosing either OR or AND - specify prior to selection whether the selected groups are adequate for the selection (OR), i.e. whether a contact's affiliation with at least one of the selected groups is an adequate criterion - or whether all of the selected groups are required for the selection (AND), i.e. whether selected contacts must be affiliated with all of the selected groups. This pre-selection can make the input of selection criteria significantly easier in some cases.

1st step: selection (arriving at a subset)
Which contacts should be included?

a) Click Create search.

b) In the window that opens, click the button Group.

c) This opens the group hierarchy tree. When opened for the first time after starting the WBS, you will only see the top level (the main groups, as a rule).

d) Make a pre-selection: use AND for "as well as" (i.e. affiliation with all selected groups is required), and OR for "at least one from ..." (i.e. affiliation with any of the selected groups is adequate).


The pre-selection AND - as described in d) - only makes sense if you do not want to narrow down your group selection any further. Using AND in your pre-selection and then narrowing down your group selection further will generally lead to incorrect selection results.

You will see a small triangle next to the main groups. Clicking this triangle opens the selected branch of the hierarchy tree.

For each selected group, the contacts affiliated with this group are added to the result set. Thus, a contact's affiliation with even just one of the selected groups considered adequate is enough to include him in the result set. Adequate groups can be identified by the black italic font used for the group label.

2nd and 3rd step: Narrowing down the results:

Narrowing down the results by specifying required groups or groups that are to be excluded is done in the advanced selection, in the same way as it is done for basic group selection.

This is also where you will find the instructions for selecting main groups or hierarchies.







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