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Selection according to data content

(CRM - Selection - a central contact management tool)
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To understand this topic, it is vital to have an understanding of selection strategy. Please familiarize yourself with selection strategy before continuing.

Selection according to data content

Selection according to data content filters out contacts with specific values in the selected data content fields. This allows you to find contacts, for example, whose data field content lies within certain predefined parameters. In the following example, we are using postal codes to narrow down the selection. 

Data content:

Which contact master data contains this data content?

a) Click Create search.

b) Select the data field you want to use as basis for your selection.

c) Clicking the postal code (for example) opens the Advanced search, where you can enter more detailed criteria.


d) If we are dealing with a value range, such as the postal code area in our example, enter threshold values that must be satisfied on either side of the value spectrum - which means you need to select AND, not OR.

e) Select a relational operator for the low end value - in this case >= (greater than or equal to).

f) This is where you enter the low end value - in our example: the postal code 20000.

g) Click the plus symbol to add the next criterion.

h) This list contains all your selected criteria.


h) After entering the relational operator < (smaller than) and an upper range value of 30000, your list of criteria will contain two entries.


i) Click Create search to start your selection.

k) In our example, our database only contained one contact with a postal code in the range of 2...., and this contact was found.


Save the selection as a filter, using an easily identifiable name. You will now be able to use this filter in the first step of your email communication with the selected contact in the relevant postal code area (in our example).



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