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Contact management
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Customer loyalty by means of communication
Email and letter templates
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Category management
Template management
Basic document settings
Category management
Template management
Editing system emails

A PDF template is a document that contains personalized elements in addition to the actual content. These personalized elments are so-called mail macros, which serve as placeholders in the text and are only replaced with up-to-date personal data from the contact database when the document is sent. These templates are either created from scratch or selected (and possibly modified) from exiting templates.

When creating a template, you can either use an empty template or use a template that already contains certain design elements. Templates are organized according to categories and can be used any number of times - e.g. as a copy template for other templates. It is necessary to specify the basic settings for all PDF documents (footline areas etc.).

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Overview of templates Creating a new template Editing a template



Overview of templates

PDF templates

a) Click the templates icon. The WBS will immediately open the template management window.

b) Click the Add button to create a new template.

c) It is also possible to use and customize existing templates.

Templates already exist


Editing a PDF template

After selecting a template, you can also edit it.

a) Select the language in which you want to edit and send the template. It is possible to edit and send the template in the default language or in several languages.

b) Enter a name for the template.

c) Enter a description for the template.

d) Assign a category.


e) Use the CK editor to edit the template. Click the template to begin with editing.

Include macros in your letter, as this will allow you to personalize your message. Macros will automatically retrieve the predefined values from the data set of the customer in the database, e.g. the name and title. A detailed instruction on macros can be found here: Macros

f) Save your template.

g) Save the template under a new name as a new template.



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