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An email template is a document containing personalized elements in addition to actual content. These personalized elements are so-called mail macros, which serve as placeholders in the text and are only replaced with individual data from the contact database once the email is sent. Templates are either created or selected/edited from the list of existing templates.

When creating a template, you can either start with an empty template or use an existing template that already contains certain design elements. Templates are organized according to categories and can be used repeatedly - possibly as a copy template for future templates.

On this page:

Overview of templates
Go to the old descriptions
Creating a new template
Editing a template
Email template preview



Overview of templates

Email templates

a) Click the templates symbol.

b) The WBS will immediately open the template management window - initially, the list is empty.

c) There are two ways to create a new template: Add generates an empty template, Add from template archive offers you the option to either start with an empty template or choose a template from the archive that already contains various design variants.



A list appears once you have created one or more templates. Here you can

d) edit an existing template by clicking EDIT or

e) delete a template that is no longer required by clicking the recycle bin icon.


You will probably have noticed that a new button was added above the opened list of existing templates: Factura. This button only appears if the Factura module has been activated in your WBS. In the screenshot above, this is not the case.




Create new template

Email templates

Clicking the +Add from template archive button opens the template archive. Here you are offered the two above-mentioned options:

a) Create an empty template. This means you will be starting from scratch.

Hover the cursor over one of the existing templates. Two buttons appear:

b) Use this button to preview the template you wish to use as basis for your new template. 

c) Use this button to select the template you wish to use as basis for your new template.

d) Click one of the color circles to choose the main color for your template.

e) The archive contains an everincreasing number of templates. 

Before selecting a template, use the preview button b) to preview the template or color selection. In preview mode, you can either

f) use the template directly - or:

g) return to the template selection screen.








Edit template

Email templates

You can now edit your template.

a) Select the language in which you want to edit and send the template. You can edit and send the template in several languages or in the default language only.

b) Enter a template name.

c) Enter a template description.

d) Select an email sender. Select the email address from the list. This list contains the email address you entered as WBS operator as well as the email addresses of all the users you set up in the settings. 

e) Enter an email sender name.

f) Enter the subject matter of the email.

g) The WBS requires you to allocate the template to a category. Select at least one category.
Category management instructions.




Edit the template with the CK editor.


Tracking functions

In certain situations it makes sense to only send further emails (e.g. in a FollowUp) if previous emails were actually received or opened by the recipient. The WBS offers various email tracking options for this purpose. You can use groups that were set up for a particular template to receive information about the emails you sent and react automatically on the basis of this information:

a) Select the group(s) you wish to assign to a particular contact once he has been sent the email generated from the template.

b) Enable the checkbox to enable tracking analysis. This opens another group selection for the tracking.

c) Select the group(s) to which a contact is to be assigned as soon as the recipient has opened the email generated from this template.

The following do not form part of the tracking functions:

d) Edit the text version of your template


a) Save the template if it already existed beforehand and all you did was make some changes.

b) If you selected an existing template in order to create a new template by editing this template, save it under the new name you entered above.

c) After saving your template, you can preview it immediately.

d) You can enter this template into a FollowUp sequence. More information on this topic is available in the respective instructions. Use Add new to create additional allocations for FollowUp sequences.

e) Use this to save the FollowUp allocations.





Email preview

Email templates

In preview mode, the template will not look the way it appears to the recipient. The preview mode is only for checking design and content. Mail macros are embedded in the text, which are used by the WBS to create a document from the template once the email is sent.




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