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A FollowUp newsletter consists of a limited number of emails that are automatically sent after a particular event - usually the allocation of a contact to a group. This allocation may be the result of a product purchase, an entry on an online form on your website (enquiry, order, contact request) or other events based on the actions of the website user. The individual emails of a FollowUp newsletter are sent at certain predefined time intervals after the event. Each email of a FollowUp newsletter will reach the recipient at a particular point in time that is dependent on when the triggering event occurred for the respective recipient.    

On this page:

Planning FollowUp newsletters  Creating FollowUp newsletters 
Configuring FollowUp newsletters 
Inserting email templates 
Activating FollowUp newsletters 



Planning FollowUp newsletters

(EMS - FollowUp-Newsletter)

Before setting up a FollowUp newsletter, first create the emails you want to send as part of the FollowUp newsletter and save them as email templates. Always ask yourself what the intended purpose of the FollowUp newsletter is: Do you want to market a supplementary product? Do you want to use a series of emails to respond to an enquiry? Or do you want to advertise a new product as part of a marketing campaign? Put yourself in the shoes of a single recipient, because each recipient will be addressed personally in your FollowUp newsletter - as response to his actions on your website. 

Once you know exactly how you would like to respond, create your email templates: Continue to the instructions.

Once your email templates are ready, set up the FollowUp newsletter:

a) Select the EMS and click the gray FollowUp button.

b) Use +FollowUp to create a new FollowUp newsletter or 

c) use EDIT to edit an existing FollowUp newsletter.

d) Use the recycle bin icon to delete FollowUp newsletters that are no longer required.





Creating FollowUp newsletters

(EMS - FollowUp newsletters)

a) Enter a unique name for the FollowUp newsletter that serves to clearly identify the newsletter in the list of FollowUp newsletters. 

b) Activate the checkboxes of all the groups who should be sent FollowUp newsletter emails. 

c) Activate the checkboxes of all the groups who should NOT be sent FollowUp newsletter emails. These so-called 'stop groups' prevent a contact or customer from receiving the FollowUp newsletter emails if it would no longer make sense to send them these mails. Example:

You have created a series of ten emails to convince your target group to buy a subscription. Thus, anyone buying the subscription after the sixth email should, of course, not be sent the remaining emails 7 - 10. This can be achieved by automatically allocating the customer to a previously selected 'stop group' as soon as he makes his purchase.

d) Here you can enter a more detailed description of your FollowUp newsletter.

e) Instead of entering individual groups, you can also select any selection results that you have previously saved as a filter.

f) Instead of entering 'stop groups', you could also exclude an entire selection from the mailing using a predefined filter.





Configuring FollowUp newsletters

(EMS - FollowUp newsletters)

Configuring a FollowUp newsletter entails selecting the individual email templates and arranging them in sequence by defining their respective dispatch dates. FollowUp newsletter emails are sent on different dates, but always at the same time.

a) Select the dispatch time.

b) Specify the opt-in status that a recipient must have in order to be sent a FollowUp newsletter email.

c) If your emails contain an unsubscribe link, please enter the text for the link here, i.e. the text that the recipient should see.

Important legal notice: Always ensure that there is never more than one blank line between the last line of your email and the unsubscribe link. Search engines and dunning experts often interpret more than one blank line as attempted deception.

d) If you like, you can also include a general unsubscribe link that the recpient can use to unsubscribe from all your newsletters.

e) Click Define rule to include an email template in your FollowUp newsletter.

f) Use this button to save your entries.





Adding email templates

(EMS - FollowUp newsletters)

a) Click the plus symbol to add an email template.

b) Specify the number of days after the triggering event that the FollowUp newsletter email should be sent.

c) Select the email template from the dropdown menu.

d) Use the recycle bin icon to remove a template from the FollowUp newsletter. 

e) Save your FollowUp newsletter.





Activating FollowUp newsletters

(EMS - FollowUp newsletters)

a) Click the combo box Active and select ACTIVE.

b) Use Update to save your changes.






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