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Subscription rules

(Settings - Factura)

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Subscription rules overview

(Settings - Factura)

Subscription rules are assigned to articles sold in recurring intervals. Find out more about how subscription rules are assigned to particular articles in the Subscription instructions.

Subscription rules are created and edited in the Factura module settings:

a) Click 'Settings' (cogwheel icon) in the upper navigation bar.

b) Click the Factura button, then the gray Subscription rules button.


New subscription rule

(Settings - Factura)

a) Use the Add button to create a new subscription rule.

b) Use EDIT to edit an existing rule. The fields are the same as for creating a new subscription rule.

Clicking Add opens the following window:

Defining subscription rules​

(Settings - Factura)

a) Name of the rule.

b) Rule description.

c) ACTIVE status means that this rule will apply for articles it has been assigned to. If the rule is deactivated, it must be activated again separately for the article. 

d) Recurring interval: Enter the subscription interval. Example: If you enter 6 into the first field and then select month, this means that an invoice will be generated every six months, i.e. biannually.

e) Enter the starting date of the subscription: after invoicing or after receipt of payment. Also state how many days before subscription expiry the next invoice is to be generated.

f) Maximum number of renewals: If the subscription is only to be renewed for a limited number of times, click Renewal and enter the number of renewals below.

g) End subscription: Specify the number of days after subscription expiry that the subscription should lapse automatically.

h) All active subscriptions are automatically invoiced. You can exclude a subscription from invoicing by activating the checkbox.

i) Save your entries.

Then close the window by clicking the 'x'- close window symbol on the top right corner.




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