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Selection according to affiliate networks

(CRM - Selection - a central contact management tool)
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To understand this topic, it is vital to have an understanding of selection strategy. Please familiarize yourself with selection strategy before continuing.

Selection according to affiliate networks

This form of selection identifies all contacts that have been allocated to one of your networks as sales partners (affiliates) or as customers.

Selection according to affiliate networks is the basis for all email communication with a group of recipients affiliated with your networks. For this reason, it represents the first step in sending email circulars to a selected group of recipients. Selection can already take place in the CMS, where it can be saved as filter for further use in the EMS. Making and saving this selection is also possible in the EMS in the first step.

Sales organization:
Who has bought or sold something?

a) Click Create search.

b) In the window that opens, click the button Affiliate networks.

This opens the Advanced search, where you can choose one or more affiliate networks for selection.


c) Specify whether you are searching for network customers or partners.

d) Click the Affiliate networks button to open a dropdown menu containing a list of your networks.


e) Select the networks by clicking each listing you wish to include in the selection. Selected listings are displayed with a checkmark. Click a selected network again to deselect it. Multiple selection is possible.

f) Click Create search to start your selection.


g) Selected networks are shown in the Search criteria section.

h) Here you can see the selection result. 


Save the selection as a filter, using an easily identifiable name. You will now be able to use this filter in the first step of your email communication with the selected network customers or partners.



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