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Selection according to newsletter subscriptions

(CRM - Selection - a central contact management tool)
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To understand this topic, it is vital to have an understanding of selection strategy. Please familiarize yourself with selection strategy before continuing.

Selection according to newsletter subscriptions

This type of selection identifies all contacts that have subscribed to one or more of your newsletters. The status of the subscription is also taken into consideration. Thus, the status can be used as a selection criterion. These opt-in/out criteria describe the current relationship between the contact and his newsletter subscription.

Selection according to newsletter subscription is the basis for an ongoing email communication in the context of a newsletter subscription. For this reason, it always represents the first step in sending further emails to a selected group of recipients as part of a newsletter subscription. Selection can already take place in the CMS, where it can be saved as filter for further use in the EMS. Making and saving this selection is also possible in the EMS in the first step.

Determining newsletter recipients:
Who are the subscribers?

a) Click Create search.

b) In the open command center, click the button Newsletter subscriptions.



c) In the Advanced search section, you will now see the input options for newsletter subscription criteria.

d) Use checkmarks to select the opt-in/opt-out criteria you wish to use for your selection. 

e) Open the list of all your existing newsletters.


f) Select the newsletter to which the recipient you are searching for is subscribing to.


g) Here you can see the selected newsletter and its status.

h) List of search criteria: If you are carrying out a selection for several newsletters, this is where you can see the entire list.

i) Use this button to remove a newsletter from the selection.

h) Click Create search to start the selection.

Save the selection as a filter, using an easily identifiable name. You will now be able to use this filter in the first step of your email communication with the selected newsletter subscribers.



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