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Customer access

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Customer access


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Registration System messages Password setting




(Customer access)

When a website user sends a form that registers the user in the database as a registered contact, a process is initiated. Depending on the selected consent procedure, this leads to the user being granted access to your WBS admin. If you are working with Factura, a customer who is a registered user will always be able to view all the invoices that were sent to him.

In this chapter of the instructions, the process is described mainly from the perspective of the website user, as this will allow you to explain the WBS processes to your prospect on request.

The form

Your website user completes the form, affirms the opt-in question, and sends the form.

a) The website user enters his first and last names, his title and his email address (incl. repetition) on the form.

b) The consent for the double opt-in procedure is preformulated on the form (which can also be done in the form of a question).

c) The user gives his consent by clicking Yes.

d) Here, the user clicks the box to confirm that he is a real person, after which a green checkmark is displayed. This convenient way of ensuring that the person is not a robot prevents your database from being flooded with junk data from automatic programs.

The blue button is used to send the form. 

When configuring your form, you can specify what the website user will see when he sends the form. This text will now be displayed to the user. Text wording and content can be set in the form settings.




System messages

(Customer access)

Once the user has sent the form, the WBS will react by initiating certain processes. The user is entered into the database as a new registered user, subscribed to a newsletter as per the processes set in the form, allocated to one or more groups etc. The WBS will now inform the involved parties about the new contact registration in the database.

WBS message to you as WBS operator

The WBS will send you an email message, informing you about the registation. It contains all the data that the user entered on the form, in particular the user's consent for receiving further emails from you.

WBS message to your user - including confirmation link

Your website user will receive an email from the WBS, containing at least a confirmation link.

It is possible, however, to modify this confirmation link for each newsletter, so that your user is informed as to why he is receiving this email and what the topic of the email is.

If you have also set up a welcoming mail for the newsletter as a process in the form settings, you could have this mail sent as an automated response after the user clicks the confirmation link.

Another option would be to redirect the user to a web page. This could be a page on your website that can only be accessed by registered users. In this case, your user will immediately land on this page and already be logged in.


WBS message to your new contact

If you have added your website user to your database as a registered contact, he will also be sent an email granting him access to your WBS customer admin.




Password setting

(Customer access)

When the new contact clicks the link contained in the registration message, he will immediately be logged in to your WBS account as a customer, where he should, first and foremost, reset the password. The first login password remains unknown, even to the customer. This is a similar case scanario as to when someone forgets his password and is prompted to enter a new password.

The contact's first login to your WBS account

After clicking the login link, your new contact will be redirected to the customer admin on the website.

Enter password

Your new contact needs to enter a new password, which he can then use for future logins. It is not possible for anyone to identify the password in the system. If the user forgets his password, it must be reassigned. The only 'anchor' in this case is the email address that the contact used to register.

First, it is necessary to enter a new password into the Password field.


Repeat password

In order to ensure that the password has been entered correctly and without typing errors, the user must repeat the password entry.

a) The password must be entered one more time.

b) The entry must be saved.


Password was successfully changed

This is the message that appears in the WBS when the password has been changed successfully.

a) The WBS success message.

b) Your contact can log out from the customer admin by clicking this button. 



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