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Creating a new Quick-Shop

(WebConnector - Quick-Shop)

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Online forms
Surveys (requires EMS)
Quick-Shop (requires Factura)
Affiliate (requires Factura)
Customer administration (requires EMS)
Interface documentation (API)

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Creating a new Quick-Shop Embedding Quick-Shop on a website

Quick-Shop is an order processing tool for an article. The difference between Quick-Shop and an online shop is that Quick-Shop does not contain a shopping cart in which orders for more than one article can be processed simultaneously. The order processing procedure is called CheckOut. The WBS allows you to define any number of CheckOuts. In Quick-Shop, it can be specified which CheckOut process is to apply for any given article.

On this page:

Overview  Creating Quick-Shop for a product 
Editing Quick-Shop 
Link generator 





a) Click the Quick-Shop tab in the WebConnector module.

b) You will be shown an overview of articles for which a Quick-Shop has already been defined. Initially, this list was empty.

c) Use +Add new product to create a new Quick-Shop - or 

d) use the EDIT button to edit an existing Quick-Shop. 

e) Use the recycle bin icon to delete a Quick-Shop

f) Click </> to have the Java Script of the Quick-Shop displayed. 

g) Click the eye icon to preview the Quick-Shop.



Creating Quick-Shop for a product


Here you can define the Quick-Shop for your product and specify the shop content.

a) Enter a name for the Quick-Shop associated with this product.

b) Specify the width ...

c) and height of the Quick-Shop.

d) Enter a CSS URL, if necessary ...

e) or a CSS code.

f) Select the article.

g) Select a language.

h) Activate or deactivate the display of the product image.

i) Activate or deactivate the display of the product description.

k) Specify whether an order quantity field is to be displayed.

l) Select the applicable CheckOut procedure.

m) Specify whether the CheckOut process is to be carried out in a new browser window.

n) Specify whether you want to allow the product to be added several times, if required.

o) Save your entries.



Editing the Quick-Shop


Here you can modify the appearance of the Quick-Shop. 

After saving your newly created Quick-Shop for the first time and re-opening the Quick-Shop, the EDIT button also opens an editor area for the page content of the Quick-Shop, where the appearance of the Quick-Shop can be modified.

a) Run the source code, if necessary, e.g. for the purpose of changing the inscription on the purchase button.

b) Modify the Quick-Shop according to your requirements. 



Link generator


In the next step of the Quick-Shop creation process, you can generate the link for embedding the Quick-Shop on your website.

a) Select the article (the product that can be purchased in the current Quick-Shop).

b) Enter the applicable order quantities.

c) Enter the text that is to be displayed as a link to your Quick-Shop - e.g. Buy now.

d) Specify whether the article is to be be added several times or only once.

e) Enter the applicable CheckOut process. ​

f) Generate the link by clicking the Generate link button.

g) This is the link you need to embed the Quick-Shop on your website. 





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