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Appointment and task management

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Appointment and task management
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All the calendar functions of the WBS are available in the Task manager. Tasks can be split up across different calendars and can thus be sorted according to topics. The various calendars can be set up in the Settings. Different calendar views provide an overview of the various events in your WBS calendar.

On this page:

Main calendar | Enter event | Show/hide event | Edit/delete event 



Main calendar

(CRM - appointment and task management - calendar) 

The calendar module icon is shown in the header of the WBS. You can determine your preferred view when starting the module. The day view of the calendar is set as default.

a) Drag and drop your preferred view to the top of the tab bar. In our example, the month view was selected. This view is kept until a different view is set.

b) Use the green +Add new event button to create a new event.  

c) The current date is marked in color in the week and month view.

d) The available calendars are subdivided into My calendars and Other calendars. My calendars are calendars that you created. Other calendars are calendars that were created by other users of your WBS, but to which you have access.



Enter event

(CRM - appointment and task management - calendar) 

a) This can be used to return to the calendar at any time while editing an event.

b) Select whether the event refers to a task or an appointment/event. 

c) Enter a name for the event.

d) and e) enter a start and end time.

f) Activate the checkbox if this is a full day event.

g) Activate the checkbox if the event is to be repeated at regular intervals.

h) Activate the checkbox if no other events should take place for the duration of this event.

i) Enter where the event is taking place.

k) Select the calendar that should display the event.

m) Enter an event description.

n) Select a color for the event. Please note: the event color is independent of the color of the calendar.

o) Specify whether the event should be visible to other users (public) or only to you (private).

p) If need be, select the users who are to be sent an invitation to the event via the message module.

q) If need be, select the users who are to be informed about the event without receiving an invitation.

r) Save the event.

s) This is for deleting an existing event. It is also possible to delete an event via the calendar's editing window.

t) Use this button to see the list of invited users.

u) Here you can see the entry for another event in a different calendar.




Show/hide event

(CRM - appointment and task management - calendar) 

a) The main calendar overview shows all the events in all the calendars.

b) You can hide all the events in a particular calendar by deactivating the display for this calendar. For this purpose, click the color field of the calendar in the overview on the left. Visible calendars are displayed with a thin black border around the color field. 




Edit/delete event

(CRM - appointment and task management - calendar) 

Events can be edited or deleted directly in the overview. 

c) Hovering the cursor over an event displays a clearly visible high contrast pointer with the name of the event.

d) Clicking the event opens the editing window, which can be closed again by clicking the 'x' symbol in the top right corner of the window.

e) Use the blue Edit button to edit the event.

f) Use the red Delete button to delete the event from the calendar.

g) Here you can enter the name of a contact you wish to invite to the event.




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