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Editing the affiliate structure

(Affiliate - Registration)

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Multiple affiliate networks  Affiliate registration  Affiliate partner pages  Automatic commission settlement 

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Hierarchy: YES or NO  Adding affiliates  Editing functions  Changing the hierarchy position 



Hierarchy: YES or NO

When working with affiliates, you need to decide right from the start (for each network) whether you prefer a flat hierarchical structure, i.e. only have one level of affiliates who cannot themselves generate new affiliates, or if you would like a multi-tiered hierarchical structure. The network depth depends solely on the number of levels that are rewarded with a commission when a sale is generated. The number of commission levels can be set in the network properties and in the commission plans for the respective network.

Editing an affiliate structure only makes sense if a network has more than one level, i.e. in a multi-tiered commission structure. Editing an affiliate structure is done manually, and generally serves to correct affiliate allocations.


Adding affiliates

(Affiliate - Editing the affiliate structure)

Manually adding a contact to a network as an affiliate is done in the Affiliate module, from the perspective of the current network:

a) Start the Affiliate module and select the gray Network member tab.

b) Select the network.

c) Use the blue Add affiliate button to add a new affiliate to the top hierarchy level of the current network.

d) If no network members exists as yet, a new affiliate can only be added to the top hierarchy level. If at least one affiliate already exists on the top hierarchy level, you can select a top-level affiliate to add the new contact below him in the hierarchy as an affiliate. The blue Add affiliate button can be used to set up an affiliate structure in a network of up to two hierarchy levels. If you would like to set up more than two levels, this can only be done using the 'Edit affiliate' function. 

e) Enter at least three consecutive characters contained in the name of the contact you wish to add to the current network as affiliate. You will be shown a list of all the contacts with this letter combination in their name.

f) Select the desired contact and save your entries.


g) After saving, the Save button becomes the Update button.

h) Close the input window by clicking the 'x' close button in the top right hand corner.


k) Look at the result.




Editing functions

(Affiliate - Editing the affiliate structure)

In each network, you have the possibility to view and change the entire affiliate hierarchy. Several editing buttons are available for this purpose in each affiliate entry.

a) Click the name of the affiliate. Two buttons appear: Add affiliate, and the recycle bin icon.

b) If you click Add affiliate, you need to follow the same procedure as for creating an affiliate with the blue button - the only difference being that, in this case, the affiliate whose name you clicked will be shown as the top level of the hierarchy.

In this way, you can edit the structure of the affiliates in the current network (network members) step by step in any way you deem fit.

c) Use the recycle bin icon to delete an affiliate entry. 


d) After clicking the recycle bin icon, a red button appears, labelled Delete. Click this button and ...

e) ... confirm the deletion with Yes, if you are are quite sure that this is what you want to do.

f) Click No is you are not sure.




Changing the hierarchy position

(Affiliate - Editing the affiliate structure)

Network members can be organized in a hierarchical structure. Changing the structure is done manually, and is especially interesting for networks that are to receive a fixed structure instead of the wild-growing structure that came about as a result of affiliate form registrations.

 Affiliates can be moved about in the hierarchy tree using drag and drop. For this purpose, leftclick on an affiliate you want to move and hold down the left mouse key - if you let go by mistake, this will be registered by the system as a normal leftclick and open the editing buttons.


b) Drag the affiliate to the target position.

c) You can identify the target position by the small green-shaded arrow - in our example, the affiliate is positioned as third affiliate below another affiliate, in front of an existing affiliate. This affiliate is shaded in dark blue as soon as a new affiliate is placed in front of him.


d) Let go of the mouse key.


e) Drag the affiliate to the target position.

f) You can identify the target position by the small green-shaded arrow - in our example, the affiliate is positioned one level down, below an existing affiliate. This affiliate is shaded in dark blue as soon as a new affiliate is placed below him.


g) At the target position, let go of the mouse key.

h) Once you have finished changing the structure, remember to save your changes!




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