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Defining an affiliate network

(Affiliate - Multiple affiliate networks)

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Multiple affiliate networks  Affiliate registration  Affiliate partner pages  Automatic commission settlement 

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Defining an affiliate network 
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Affiliate networks help you sell your products via different distributors, resellers, affiliates or agents. You can set up a separate affiliate network for each article, with special affiliate terms and conditions that have been specifically adapted to the particular product.

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Overview  Setting up a network  Confirmation email  Affiliate admin page 




(Defining affiliate networks)

Setting up an affiliate network is done in two phases. The first phase consists of setting up the internal network structure. Here, you determine which articles you want to sell via the network, and in which region the articles are to be sold. You also determine the commission rates and the network structure, i.e. the commission levels in which your affiliates operate and generate commission entitlements. This data is pooled together into a commission plan, which is then linked to the relevant products via the affiliate network. You also need to set up a form, which website users can use to register as an affiliate in your network. In addition, you need to set up a special partner area on your website, where affiliate partners can download advertising material for use on their own website.

The second phase consists of setting up the affiliate network through the continuous registration of new affiliate partners, which is either done via forms, or manually in the case of affiliate partners that could not be added to your network online.

The first phase is described in this chapter, the second phase is implemented using intensive internet advertising measures.

Start the Affiliate module and go to the Affiliate networks tab, which contains a list of your affiliate networks. Initially, this list is empty.

a) This is the list (which is empty initially).

b) Click +New network to set up a new affiliate network.

c) If networks already exist, you can click the EDIT button to edit a network.



Setting up a network

(Defining affiliate networks)

After clicking +New network, you will see an input window with the heading Add network in the blue title bar.

a) Enter a name for the network.

b) Enter a description for the network.

c) Specify how many levels the network should have (i.e. for a multilevel sales structure).

d) Select the VAT group.

e) Select a document template for the commission statement. A credit note with the address is offered as default, which can be used in most cases.

f) Here you can specify the group to which you want to add the affiliates in this network. This group must be set up beforehand.

g) Save your entries.

After saving, the heading in the blue title bar changes to Edit network. You are now in editing mode. If you want, you can also interrupt the setup process for the new network and continue at a later stage. You will then find the network in the list in the network overview, where it can be selected for editing.


Confirmation email

(Defining affiliate networks)

In the next step, you create the email that is sent to a new affiliate after his registration as sales partner. The WBS will send this email to the new partner to confirm the registration. This is done via the process Become an affiliate, which is normally linked to the registration form in a separate procedure.

a) Select the sender from your list of WBS users. This could be you or any other person that you have set up as employee (user) in your WBS.

b) Here, you can enter your name or the name of your company.

c) Enter a subject matter which indicates to the recipient that the email is a response to his affiliate registration. 

d) We have included a sample text for the affiliate email that you can use. For this purpose, please switch to Source code in the editor.


e) Copy the following HTML code into the text window.

f) Then click Source code again. You will now be able to see our template.

g) You can now edit the template by customizing the red text passages to your requirements. It is, of course, also possible to change the black text.

h) Save your entries.




Affiliate admin page

(Defining affiliate networks)

In the final step, you need to create the text that you want to appear in the WBS customer admin on the respective web page. Your new affiliate will be given access to your customer admin, where he can view all the information that is relevant to his affiliate membership. The text for your internal affiliate website can be created in the same way as the text for the confirmation mail:

a) Switch the editor to Source code. 

b) Copy the following HTML code to the text window.


c) Switch out of source code. 

d) Edit the red text passages and customize it to your requirements. It is, of course, also possible to edit the black text.

e) Save your entries.

After clicking Save, the Save button becomes the Update button.

The next step for setting up your affiliate network consists of linking your product to this network.




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