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Network members

(Affiliate - Multiple affiliate networks)

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Network members are affiliate partners that help you sell your products. They can either log in to your website directly or are assigned to a suitable affiliate network manually.

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Registration in the CRM  Registration in Affiliate  Expanding the network 

Two important tips upfront:

1. Each contact in your contact list can be defined as an affiliate - also as a non-registered affiliate. It is, however, recommendable to only assign affiliate status to contacts with access to your WBS (i.e. registered contacts). This is the only way in which these contacts can access their respective data, such as commissions, customer referrals, and referrals of new downline affiliates in case of multi-level network commission structures.

2. As soon as your input has been saved, the WBS will send the new affiliate a confirmation mail to his associated email address, using the predetermined email confirmation template for the respective network. If an incorrect network was mistakenly selected, the contact will be sent another confirmation mail once this error has been corrected. To avoid confusion, you should, in this case, send the new affiliate a personal notification to inform him about the error.


Registration in the CRM

(Affiliate - Network members)

When defining a (new) affiliate via the CRM, the focus is on the contact. For this reason, the procedure is carried out from the perspective of the contact.

a) Start the CRM module.

b) In the detail view, select the contact to whom you want to assign affiliate status.

c) Click the gray Affiliate tab, which will then turn white.

d) Click the button +Add affiliate.

e) Select the network to which you want to assign the contact.

f) Leave this field empty if the contact is to be positioned at the top of the hierarchy.

g) Activate the checkbox or do not remove the checkmark.

h) Save your entries.


Now take a look at the result:

i) Use Back to return to your contact list (as displayed when starting the CRM).

k) Clicking Overview opens the detail view for the respective contact.

m) Here you can see that the contact has been included as affiliate in the displayed network.

n) If the result is unsatisfactory (e.g. due to incorrect network selection), you can delete the allocation using the recycle bin icon.

o) At this point in time, the list is empty because the contact has not yet referred any customers.




Registration in Affiliate

(Affiliate - Network members)

When defining a (new) affiliate via the Affiliate module, the focus is on the network. For this reason, the entry is made from the perspective of the affiliate network.

a) Start the Affiliate module and select the Network members tab.

b) Select the network to which the new affiliate is to be assigned.

c) Click Add affiliate.

d) If the new affiliate is to be positioned at the top of the affiliate hierarchy, which is generally the case, keep the entry Highest level.

e) Select an existing contact. For this purpose, enter a combination of three consecutive letters of the first or last name of the contact to whom you want to assign affiliate status. You will then be shown a list of all contacts with this combination of letters in their name.

f) Click the respective contact and save your entries.


g) After saving for the first time, the Save button is replaced by the Update button.

h) Close the window by clicking the 'x' symbol in the top right corner.

k) Now the result will be displayed: the contact will have been included as network member.



Expanding the network

(Affiliate - Network members)

All other measures for registering additional affiliates for the current network are described under Affiliate registration. This chapter also explains how to link a contact to an affiliate without assigning affiliate status. Furthermore, you will also be learn how to expand or change your network structure. 



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