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Manual affiliate allocation

(Affiliate - Registration)

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Contact allocation in an affiliate network is only possible if at least one affiliate partner exists. When performing the allocation, it can be decided whether the respective contact is to be allocated to the affiliate partner as customer or whether he is to be given affiliate partner status. Apart from the method described in this chapter, it is also possible to perform affiliate allocation using the Network member function.

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Affiliate: definitions  Affiliate allocation as affiliate  Affiliate allocation as customer  Result in the customer admin 



Affiliate: definitions

A contact can be granted affiliate partner status. A contact with affiliate partner status is a sales partner who receives commission for referring customers who buy a product or service. Thus an affiliate partner is not a reseller, but a broker.

Affiliate partners are members of an affiliate network governing the allocation of the affiliate partners to articles and commissions - in accordance with the structure of the network to which the member belongs. In the following description, affiliate partners (network members) are simply referred to as affiliates.

Affiliate allocation is the procedure in which a contact is assigned to an affiliate - i.e. linked to a particular affiliate within the context of a particular network. Thus a contact can be linked to various affiliates, as long as they belong to different networks. Within a given network, it is only possible to link a contact to a single affiliate. The contact can also be given affiliate status (network member status). In this way, it is possible to create a contact hierarchy tree for each network, if this function is enabled.

Affiliate allocation is always performed from the perspective of the contact, who is at the focus of this procedure. For this reason, the allocation is performed in the CRM module, where the  contact details of the contact can be edited  - along with his affiliate allocations.

The purpose of the affiliate allocation is to assign a commission to the affiliate who referred the contact once the contact has purchased a product or service. The contact becomes your customer, not the customer of the affiliate. The affiliate is remunerated for the referral with a commission.


Affiliate allocation as affiliate

(Affiliate - Manual allocation)

A contact (Madonna) is assigned to an affiliate (Bach) within a particular network (Music supplies). At the same time, this contact also becomes an affiliate: 

a) Start the CRM. You will see a detail view of your contacts.

b) Select the desired contact. You will now see the contact details overview.

c) Click the gray Affiliate tab. 

d) Click +Add affiliate

e) Select the network.

f) Enter the desired affiliate: Enter a three letter sequence contained in the first or last name of the affiliate you are searching for (Bach). You will see a list of all the affiliates in the selected network with this letter sequence in their name. 


g) Activate the checkbox if you wish to give this contact (Madonna) affiliate status.

h) Save your entries. 




Affiliate allocation as customer

(Affiliate - Manual allocation)

A contact (Stallone) is assigned to an affiliate (Madonna) within a particular network (Music supplies) as (potential) customer.

a) Start the CRM. You will see an overview of your contacts.

b) Select the desired contact. You will now see the contact details overview.

c) Click the gray Affiliate tab. 

d) Click +Add affiliate


e) Select the network.

f) Enter the desired affiliate: Enter a three letter sequence contained in the first or last name of the affiliate you are searching for (Madonna). You will see a list of all the affiliates in the selected network with this letter sequence in their name.


g) Deactivate the checkbox to prevent the contact (Stallone) from becoming an affiliate.

h) Save your entries.


Look at the result: 
The contact (
Stallone) had previously been assigned to an affiliate (Dürrenmatt) in a different network (Book sales) before also becoming customer of another affiliate (Madonna) in the Music supplies network. 

i) Use Back to return to the contact list as displayed when starting the CRM.

k) Go to Overview to view the contact details overview.

m) Here you can see the two affiliates (Dürrenmatt, Madonna) in the two networks.

n) Use the recycle bin icons to remove a selection.


Take a look at what happens to the contact details of the affiliate after the allocation:

o) Here you can see the network (Music supplies) which the displayed affiliate (Madonna) belongs to, as well as the member (Bach) of the network (Music supplies) who referred the displayed affiliate (Madonna).

p) Here you can see the affiliate (Bach) who referred the displayed affiliate (Madonnaas customer, as well as the relevant network (Music supplies).

q) Here you can see the contact (Stallone) who was assigned to the displayed affiliate (Madonna) as (potential) customer.

r) Use the recycle bin icons to remove a selection.




Result in customer admin

(Affiliate - Manual allocation)

Allocations influence the content of the customer admin. Registered contacts can access your WBS directly and see which affiliates have been allocated to them and which customer contacts were established as a result of their referrals. It should be noted that each contact that was referred as affiliate by another affiliate is also a customer of the referring affiliate, which is why he appears in the respective contact list. If a contact loses his affiliate status, he will still remain a customer of the affiliate who referred him. 

All these statements always refer to the same network. 

Now take a look at how the described allocation activities influence the customer admin of the affected contacts in your WBS:

 Open the contact details of the new affiliate (Madonna).

b) Click Direct login in customer admin. This will open your WBS account from the point of view of your contact.


c) Click the Affiliate button. This opens a window with all the affiliate partner functions for your contact.


d) Click the My contacts button.


e) You will see the allocated contact (Stallone) contained in the list of (potential) customers.

f) Click the My affiliates button.


g) The list of affiliates is empty because the allocated contact (Stallone) was not given affiliate status.


Now open the customer admin for the affiliate Bach and take a look at his list of contacts in the Affiliates area. 

h) Here you will find the affiliate (Madonna) in the list of (potential) customers, which can be opened with the My contacts button. As can be seen, each affiliate is also automatically listed as (potential) customer.

i) Now click the My affiliates button.


k) As expected, you will find the contact Madonna listed in the list of affiliates, who was referred by the currently logged in affiliate (Bach).





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