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a) The user admin is found in the basic settings (cogwheel icon).

b) Use the 'Users' button to search for and filter users.

c) If only a few users exist, the table of users will suffice.

d) Here you can enter a new user.

Please note:
The free version of the CMS only permits one user. Additional users can be ordered for EUR 0.95/month.


Creating a new user

a) The WBS uses the email address as user name. Simply enter the email address of the employee. If the user name is already in use, an error message will appear when you try to save the user data set. The user name must be unique in the WBS, i.e. it may only exist once across all customers. In those rare cases when a person is registered as a user with more than one WBS customer, this person will need to use a different user name, which is why the email address may only be used for one user account. Aliases must be used to register in more than one WBS installation.

b) A freely selectable password can be assigned. For data security purposes, it is recommendable to choose a password consisting of at least eight characters containing both capital and small letters as well as numbers. Example: T1uSer23

c) Not all data fields must be filled in. After entering the user details, save your data.

Please note: 
Enter the name of your company or department into the input field Company. If you leave this field empty, only the name of the user/employee will appear in the blue top bar of the WBS, not the name of the company or department with which the user is registered.


User admin

a) Use the 'Edit' button to edit the data set.

b) Use this function to assign the employee to a previously defined department (see next item).

c) Use this function to remove the employee from the department.

d) This button opens the window in which user rights are assigned. See next item.


Managing departments

a) Use 'Add department' to create a new department. 

b) Use 'Edit' to edit the department. 

c) Here you can specify the department rights. 

d) Here you can delete the department.


Managing rights

After allocating a user to a department, the user will automatically hold the rights that were assigned to the department. This is indicated by the 'inherited' tag.

a) Change the user rights, if necessary.

b) Save your changes.

Below the 'Update' button, you will see the departments to which the user has been assigned.

The list at the bottom offers an overview of all the rights that were actually assigned to the user. These rights consist of the department rights and the individual changes.



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