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CheckOut is a multi-step form-based order processing procedure. The WBS permits Quick-Shop setup for each article, thus enabling ordering via CheckOut. A CheckOut can handle order processing for several Quick-Shops.  

On this page:

Overview  Rules / Layout 
Payment types 
Terms and Conditions / Cancellation Policy 





a) Click the CheckOut tab in the Settings module.

b) You will see an overview with CheckOut templates in German, English and French.

c) Use +Add CheckOut to create a new CheckOut - or 

d) use the EDIT button to edit an existing CheckOut. 

e) Another way to create a new CheckOut would be to copy an existing CheckOut and then edit the data.

f) Use the recycle bin icon to delete a CheckOut. 

g) Click the eye icon to preview the steps of the CheckOut procedure.

h) Click </> to have the CheckOut link displayed that the user clicks to start the ordering procedure.



Rules / Layout


a) Enter a name for the CheckOut. 

b) Enter a description for the CheckOut. 

c) Select a language for the CheckOut. 

d) Specify accepted payment types. 

e) Select a template for the document that is to be sent to the customer. 

f) Specify your Terms and Conditions. 

g) Specify your Cancellation Policy. 

h) Specify the employee who is to be notified for this CheckOut.

i) Specify the notification email that is to be sent. 

k) Specify a CSS URL, if necessary. 

l) Specify a CSS code, if necessary. 

m) Save your entries. 

Editing forms

a) Use this EDIT button to edit the respective form.

b) Here you can specify the text that is to be sent to the customer once he has placed his order, i.e. at the end of the CheckOut.

c) Save your entries (the text).

d) The CheckOut can initiate automated processes, which can be specified here in the form of rules.

e) Save your entries (the rules that were defined).






Clicking the EDIT button for a CheckOut form opens WebConnector, where the CheckOut forms can be edited. Here you are offered special CheckOut fields that can be used in forms.

Editing a form is done in the usual way. All the features of the form editor are available.



Payment types


It is possible to create compilations of various payment types. This means creating a compilation under a specific name and activating the desired payment types for this particular compilation. This allows you to combine different payment types for different CheckOuts. In the overview in this example, you will only see the compilations containing the various activated payment types, not the payment types themselves.

a) Click the Payment type tab in Settings - CheckOut.

b) Click +Add new - or ...

c) use EDIT to edit an existing payment type compilation.

d) Use the recycle bin icon to remove a payment type compilation from the list.


e) Enter a name for the payment type compilation.

f) Save the payment type compilation.




Terms and Conditions / Cancellation Policy


a) Click the Terms and Conditions/Cancellation Policy tab in Settings - CheckOut.

b) Click +Add new - or ...

c) use EDIT to edit existing terms and conditions or cancellation policies.

d) Use the recycle bin icon to remove terms and conditions or cancellation policies from the list.

e) Enter a name for the document.

f) Specify whether the document contains terms and conditions or a cancellation policy.

g) Enter your content.

h) Save your entries.



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